COVID 19 Latex Balloon Printing Prices.


We have made our balloon printing cheap for the forseeable future.

We have all had a tough few months, us included, all UK businesses need to recover, and we want to help by offering cheap printed balloons for all corporate occasions and cheap balloon printing for personal occasions.

Our pricing is around half the normal price, and valid on the below quantities only. We also ask that your print is a one colour print, using a black print or white print on to any mix of balloon colours, on to a single side. If you need balloon printing that doesn't fit this specification, please view our standard balloon printing prices page by clicking here.

All prices include standard UK delivery (within 8 working days) and VAT.

If you need balloons before this time, the express service and delivery is just an additional 25%.

If you need more help, click here to contact us!


To order, please email your details to or click here.

An example price, 100 x Red Balloons with a white print, with standard delivery would be £36 inc vat, or with 100 x 2 pc sticks it would be £48 inc vat.