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My Balloon Printing Blog!

Ever wondered how it all started, or just the inner workings of a small business, or maybe you just like balloons, well read on!

Each month, Colin Holmes, the man behind The Balloon Company, will write his thoughts, a chance to find out more about him, the company and more!

13 July 2018 - It has been an absolutely tremendous month here at Balloon Printing HQ - it literally hasn't stopped orders wise, with all orders successfully being delivered on time, England made it to the World Cup Semi Final for only the 2nd time in life, although in 1990 I was to young to remember, and the weather has been absolutely scorchio, making cycling the 3.5 miles to work in Mansfield where I live, an absolute pleasure, however, I haven't caught the sun one bit, I haven't even gone red, which is disappointing!

When I am not balloon printing, I do like to spend my evenings desperately trying to motivate myself to redecorate the house I moved in to not to long ago, it was just last night I was painting a freshly plastered wall, with half water half emulsion, I was absolutely covered head to toe. Same again tonight, whilst trying to get a new petrol pressure washer to work, a shopping trip in Nottingham Saturday for some camping gear (I go away at the end of July to a music festival called Y Not, based in Derbyshire, near Matlock) and maybe Sunday check my tent still goes up if it is going to be the late 20's the weatherman predicts.

Before I know it Monday will be here, back to the world of printing on balloons. Monday always seems to be the busiest day of the week, I can get in to work for 8am, look down at my desk, and when I look up again, it can be somehow 4pm! It is all fun though, I work with a small team, and we work well as an effective team which makes life so much easier.

It is nearly 5pm, so time to pop the cycling gear on, go home, feed the cat, feed me, and enjoy above said activities!