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Why Printed Balloons?


Printed balloons, also known as personalised balloons and promotional balloons, are widely used by individuals and companies for a host of reasons, below we have listed a few reasons why, below this some photos.


Another reason many people use them, is because people cannot miss them and read what is on the printed balloons.


It really is a low cost form of effective marketing, click here for our prices.


Corporate Events


General Advertising - have your logo printed on a balloon and use for various events and marketing.

Charity and Fundraising - raise awareness at events by handing out balloons on balloon sticks, sell the balloons for a balloon release or a completion such as guess how many balloons in the car.

Events & Festivals & Open Days - giant 36" printed balloons are popular at events, as are regular printed balloons handed out before the event to create awareness.

Celebrating 5/10 etc Years in Business - what better way to let people know you are now celebration your anniversary in business. Printed balloons go hand in hand with celebrations.

At Trade Shows - promotional balloons handed out at shows are great to let people know you are there, the recipient is then walking round with your balloon for all to see. Also great for decoration on your stand or round an area you wish to highlight on your stand.

Product / Website Launches - balloon printing will draw the attention of customers to an area where your new product is, or for more details on that new site.

New Store Openings - promotional balloons handed out create awareness and curiosity of the new store or website, and will ensure more people know and visit you.

New Business - handing out balloons with a map, address or location will help increase awareness, and footfall in to your store.

Creating Awareness / POS Display - some companies use printed balloons just to help their store look pretty, in shop windows and around the store.

Sales and Promotions - helps create awareness if you are having a sale, or highlights a sale area in store.



Personal Occasions


People also use personalised balloons for a variety of occasions below, sometimes with a favourite cartoon, animal or even a photo, modern or old! Below are some of the occasions we have covered with out personalised balloons.


Baby Showers


Christening and other religious ceremonies

Eid & Ramadan

Invites to parties

Childrens Birthdays

Adult Birthdays - Use an embarrassing old photo!



Save the Date






New Year


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