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Latest News : All our latex balloons are printed using biodegradable balloons.

Trade, Resellers and Regular Customers

For us, returning customers are equally as important as new customers, and we like to reward customers who use our services regularly with a discount.


Once you have spent £1000 with us in a rolling 12 months, let us know, and we will apply a discount to your future orders.



£1000 - £1999 : 5% off all prices


£2000 - £4999 : 10% off all prices


£5000 - £9999 : 15% off all prices


£10,000 - £24,999 : 20% off all prices


£25,000 plus : 30% off all prices


In addition, we are more than happy to offer a white label service, meaning we can send printed balloons direct to your customer as if it came from you, perfect for last minute orders.

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