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How to order Custom Printed Balloons

For the latex balloon printing, the general information we require is generally quite straight forward, and this page is here to help.

You are welcome to copy and paste the form below when emailing us with an order or requesting a balloon printing quote. The notes beloware here to help you fill in the form.

The print area is 125mm diameter circle, if unsure please ask for artwork.


Please email the below information we need for your order to




Neck Orientation: Down or Up

Balloon Colours:

Print Colour:

Add: Balloon Sticks with pump / Valves with ribbon / Nothing

Date Required By:

What is being printed:

Payment Method:



How many balloons would you like.



We offer one side, a double sided print, or a two different sided print for those wishing to have a different design on each side of the balloon.


Neck Orientation:

Neck up or neck down.





Balloon Colours

What colours would you like from our colour chart, to view click here.

Feel free to pick and choose the colours as you wish, perhaps all one colours, perhaps 10 different colours, the choice is yours. We work on a closest match system, when you request colours not on the chart, if unsure please ask.


Print Colour:

For one colour orders under 250, the prices allow only print with an all black print or all white print. You can use a different colour by adding a 'change fee'. For orders over 250 we stock a wide range of print colours, for which we use a nearest match basis.

With two, three or four colour prints we can use any of the ink colours, again on a nearest match system.



The cheapest way to hand out balloons is using balloon sticks and a pump, simply blow the balloon up either by pump, inflator or mouth, and put the balloon on to the cup which sits on the end of the balloon stick. For the balloon valves, these come with attached white ribbon. You will need to put the valves in to the neck of the balloon and inflate. The one way valves keeps the helium in through the one way valve system. We can also provide 500 yard rolls of ribbon, balloon drop bags and various other accessories you may need.


Date Required By:

As standard the price includes FREE economy delivery which we generally say is up to 10 working day turnaround, if we can, we will get this to you sooner. If you definitely need something quicker, please let us know before and we have the express service available to you. This is usually done by Royal Mail Special Delivery or Next Day Courier.



If you are looking to have text only on your balloon, please email us with this, and any specific information, such as a font name, certain words on lines etc otherwise we will use initiative to put your artwork together, you will then receive this artwork to approve. If you have a logo or photo to be one color printed, please email this as a jpeg, or pdf, as large as possible, along with instructions on any additional text you wish to have added and positioning.

We do offer a free design service, this is 30 mins from our graphic designer, after which the charge is £10 per 30 mins.


Payment Method:

We accept credit and debit cards, and also BACS payments.

For cards please either call 0800 999 2699 to make payment after you have emailed the below information or request to pay online using our secure payment link.

For BACS please request an invoice. All payments are due before printing commences.

If you are looking to order on a regular basis, please email us with your expected monthly spend and you may be able to open a trade credit account, this offers a trade discount, but does carry a minimum monthly order value.


By placing an order you are agreeing to our order terms which can be found by clicking here.