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Latest News : 4 New Balloon Colours, click here for colour chart.

We offer both disposable helium and helium cylinders to hire, and a low cost helium alternative, balloon sticks.

The disposable helium cylinders can be sent via courier, or collected from our depot in Mansfield.

The larger helium cylinders can be collected only from our Mansfield base.

All helium cylinder hires are for 2 months initially, and require a £200 returnable deposit.

For each helium hire, we do take a £200 deposit in the form of card details we soft process, which is returned to you once your cylinder is back to us in one piece. (this does not apply to disposables and balloon sticks)

To get a quote, please send us an email with the size you require, the date you require your helium hire from and till.

Our email address is


Disposable Helium Cylinder.

£30 each exclusive of vat collected.

£35 each exclusive of vat delivered.

Bulk discount available on 4+.

Filling Guide.


25 x 12" Latex Balloons

30 x 11" Latex Balloons

35 x 10" Latex Balloons

20 x 18" Foil Balloons

3 x 24" Latex Balloons

1 x 36" Latex Balloon

Balloon Sticks.


Consider filling your balloons with air and using balloon sticks for a fraction of the price. 

We have 1 piece safety sticks and 2 piece balloon sticks available.

Filling Guide.


60 x 12" Latex Balloons

75 x 11" Latex Balloons

100 x 10" Latex Balloons

55 x 18" Foil Balloons

6 x 24" Latex Balloons

2 x 36" Latex Balloon

Filling Guide.


240x 12" Latex Balloons

315 x 11" Latex Balloons

400 x 10" Latex Balloons

230 x 18" Foil Balloons

26 x 24" Latex Balloons

8 x 36" Latex Balloon

Filling Guide.


125 x 12" Latex Balloons

160 x 11" Latex Balloons

200 x 10" Latex Balloons

110 x 18" Foil Balloons

13 x 24" Latex Balloons

4 x 36" Latex Balloon

Filling Guide.


600 x 12" Latex Balloons

750 x 11" Latex Balloons

1000 x 10" Latex Balloons

575 x 18" Foil Balloons

66 x 24" Latex Balloons

20 x 36" Latex Balloon