Home of The Balloon Printing Company, a leading UK supplier of promotional balloons.

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Welcome to The Balloon Printing Company.

Based in Nottinghamshire, we are a leading supplier to the UK of printed balloons, we can also supply to any worldwide destination.

We are a family run business, which means we are always motivated to give the very best we can, in terms of customer service, quality of product and when turning around your balloon printing order.

To ensure the very best quality and turnaround, all our balloons are printed in our Mansfield based factory, we use balloons from leading balloon manufactuer, Belbal, whose quality meet our high standards.

The specialist machines we use are capable of printing over a million balloons per week if we need them to, and the staff who quality check after, only send out what they would expect to recieve.

We have a friendly team, who welcome your call or email, with your query of any kind.

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